She’s From Another Planet (2016)

100min| Comedy, Fantasy, Romance |

Funny mermaid Princess Sunny secretly sneaked into the human world, unfortunately, “cargo” lost the important scales. In order to return to the ocean, Sunny had to go ashore all the way to be searched, by well-intentions human girl Amy and Qiqi rescued from the museum, but also inadvertently and scale integration campus male god Wen Zhengxi launched a vigorous pursuit. Sunny is about to return to love the ocean back to the moment, the crush of Wen Zhengxi’s eldest sister, Rowling has seen Sunny’s mermaid identity, and with the mermaid’s perversity of the glasses, teacher launched a mermaid arrest, Sunny’s life So at stake.


Original Title: 人鱼校花

February 1, 2017 at 01:13 AM

Quality: HD

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