Guest House (2017)

94 min| Drama, Romance, |

Jung-Woo (Sung Je) runs a guest house in Gangneung with his older sister, but he dreams of becoming an actor. Jung-Woo doesn’t have interest in the guest house and wants to leave the city. One day, Hiroko (Chisun) appears. She is a former national curling team player from Japan. She came to Gangneung for a special broadcast program of the upcoming 2018 Olympic Winter Games. Jung-Woo’s older sister tells him to show Hiroko around. Jung-Woo learns the real reason why Hiroko visits Gangneung


Original Title: Guest House / Geseuteu Hawuseu / 게스트하우스 / /

March 16, 2018 at 03:42 PM

Quality: HDRip

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